Since 1973, we’ve been at the forefront of highly specialized custom solutions in cast acrylic sheets.

We offer better value to our customers. Everything that Spiroplastic makes is guaranteed for 10 years. We are Egypt’s #1 producer of clear acrylic sheets, producing 5000 tons of product per year. We take our position seriously. Being at the top means being responsible. Our commitment to conscientious production and recycling puts us at the forefront of the entire acrylic sheet industry.



Nothing means more to us than operating a safe workplace that accounts for worker conditions and the environment in all our decisions. While we know these things are important to our customers, we also know that the product is of primary importance. Without a quality product produced scalably, consistently and on-schedule, none of the rest of our mission gets a chance to have an impact.


Quality is our first priority. For the most part, we do custom work. In that sense, your specs are our specs. Since most of our production is for customer-specified materials, if we don’t get these orders exactly right, the customer fails too. We have built our reputation on being able to service very specific niche markets.



By focusing on the specific needs of our clients, Spiroplastic has developed a wide range of capabilities. We offer an extensive range of colours, surface effects, texture thicknesses and special grades. Our sheets are suitable for outdoor use, maintaining color stabilities, protection from UV rays, and overall outstanding weather resistance.



We value our people and our relationships. Ultimately, we want to grow along with our customers. This happens through true partnerships. Our aim is to be able to react to changes our partners need to make, whether that means scalability in production or adapting to changes in specifications.



We are an ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 compliant company. Our products meet the standards of regulatory and industry bodies around the world for use in all common applications such as construction, transportation, and optical coatings.



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The head office of Spiroplastic S.A. is located at:

4 Omarat Aliamni St., Zamalek, Cairo