Rooted in tradition, always looking forward

From our earliest days to today, we have been at the forefront of introducing recycled materials into the production chain.


A family story

Spiros Moros, our founder’s grandfather, opened his doors for business in a uniquely different era and a vastly different market. We date back to the 1930s when we were known as Lion Glue. In those early days, we made glue by boiling collagen out of animal bones. Factory production really heated up when the British army placed a large order for a glue that was to be mixed with sand and used in tanks.

One of Spiros Moros' talents was his ability to see how a business can progress in positive directions that benefit everyone - the company, customers, workers, and the larger community. Two decades later the company added plastics to their offerings and were among the first anywhere to adopt a recycling strategy. We were recycling and manufacturing PVC as early as 1950.

This story would not be complete without the legacy of family. Costas Moros, Spiros’ father, who in the spirit of progress was experimenting in his own kitchen and accidently came up with the recipe for acrylic. He went on to industrialise and standardise the recipe for acrylic sheets production.


You contribute to the transformation of waste into a first class product.



The founder also established himself as a philanthropist. After his own successful fight with cancer, he founded the Spiros Moros Charity Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity (Reg. #4819 the year 2000). It aims at achieving a better healthy life for the community by raising awareness about healthy nutrition, breastfeeding, holistic medicine, bio-farming, and cancer through the organization of seminars, workshops, and different media tools. The foundation sponsors applied research in these fields.

The foundation translates and publishes select international books. It also exchanges information and experiences with national, regional, and international organizations. The books are offered by the foundation office at a reduced price.


You contribute to a better future


Modern day

Today, as we approach our first century in business, Spiroplastic has demonstrated an ability to innovate responsible recycling while maintaining a competitive market share. We are one of Egypt's oldest and most successful plastic company. We are a legacy. Let us bring first class product and production methods into your production chain.


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